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Business & Non-Profit Services

Digital Media Organization Services

Need a simple photo-workflow for your team to easily access and share photos in various contexts?

(i.e. by chronology, event, theme, etc).

Have an ongoing flow of photos and videos to your existing collection and not sure how to keep them organized?

We can help.

Organize your Digital Media


 Maximize your Productivity


  • We custom-organize your existing content collection in a system that is tailored for the way in which your company needs to quickly access and share your photo and video collection.​​​

  • We set up a 'photo workflow' for your content management that makes it easy to:

    • manage incoming content​

    • integrate it with existing content

    • simplify access to it in various contexts

    • back up your existing collection


  • This saves your team time and money while maximizing productivity and creativity & maintaining an organized and archived digital media library.​​


For Consultation & Package Inquiries Please

Still not sure if and where to get started?


We are happy to

schedule a complimentary meeting or phone call to more thoroughly explain our services and process with you

and help you determine if our services and approach match your needs.

Included service areas in the above packages are:


Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, Durham Region


Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Kelowna, Okanagan

 How  we  work:


 Introductory Consultation Process (ON-SITE  Package):  

 Best fit for companies with a contact person(s) who has  thorough knowledge of devices used and technology details  (kinds of computers/systems/storage details etc; existing  workflows and challenges) and is able to complete  Questionnaire.


  • Memory Momentum will Assess the existing media     library  –location(s), device details, current  interactive  workflow, strategies of users and all existing challenges as  follows:                                                                                           1.Assessment Questionnaire filled out which includes               in-depth info on existing collection and challenges;            determines ideal goals and outcomes for those                     interacting with the content. (Additional  follow-up               phone/video call may be required)                                     2.Action Plan provided depending on how company              wishes to move forward (i.e. using our services                      to organize (and) maintain new content OR                            traning company contact or team how to organize                and maintain media collection.)  

  • ACTION  PLAN  Options:  

    • We organize your existing collection (AND/OR)  Either:

    • We maintain organization by managing new content  on a pre-determined schedule  (i.e.  bi-weekly,  monthly, quarterly, etc.)                                                  OR 

    •  Instruct and train YOUR team to interact in newly  organized system (and) manage additional content  moving forward.    


Remote Assessment Package Price:  $1399  +  GST


Introductory Consultation Process (ON-SITE  Package):  


The details of this package are similar to the Remote package,  except that an on-site assessment session is included where a  Memory Momentum Photo Organizer visits the company’s site  to gather the in-depth assessment details required to create  an Action Plan.  

  • Memory Momentum will Assess the existing media library  –location(s), device details, current interactive   workflow,strategies of users and all existing challenges as  follows:                                                                                                1.Assessment Questionnaire: filled out to the best                   of the company representative’s ability which                        includes in-depth info on existing collection and                    challenges; determines ideal goals                                          and outcomes for those interacting with the                          content. (Additional follow-up phone/video call                    may be required)                                                                 2.On-Site Assessment:  A  photo organizer visits                       the company on-site to complete the in-depth                       assessment.                                                                         3.Action  Plan provided depending on how                              company wishes to move forward (i.e. using our                    services to organize (and) maintain new content                   OR  training company contact                                                   or team how to organize and maintain media                         collection.) 

On-Site Assessment Package Price: $1749 + GST


*Note: Included in the assessment as well are possible photo

scanning and media conversion/digitizing services for those

companies looking to digitize their analog media collection also. *

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