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50 Photo Book Ideas

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Amanda as a child

Vintage Postcards

Ready to bring your printed photo memories OUT of those boxes?

Knowing what to do with your printed photos can be overwhelming, time-consuming and you might have no idea how to start!

Ways we 



Memory Momentum, Certified Photo Managers

90 min Printed Photo-Organizing VIP session

Kristi is a printed photo GURU

(no joke, she loves a printed photo)! If you need help organizing boxes of  printed photos or just need to chat with an a call.

Kristi Green, Certified Photo Organizer


Meet Kristi

Image by sarandy westfall

Easy-to-follow organizing process


Printed Photos Mini-Course

Ready to get those printed photos organized? Learning HOW to get started with a simple organizing process to get your printed photo collection looking beautiful in no time!

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