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Memory Momentum - Photo Organzers
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Are you a busy woman with

little-to-no business experience with a photo 'hobby' that you LOVE!

Have you ever been told,

"you should get paid for that"? 


Turn your photo 'hobby' into a business.

Do you have an incredible photo 'hobby' that makes your heart sing every time you do it?

People love what you do and ask for you to do it for them all of the time.

Ever think..."is it really possible for me to turn my hobby into a business?" 



Create envy-worthy scrapbooks or photo books that people can't get enough of, in your spare time?

Want to start your own biz?

By the way...we think you're AMAZING!

What about creative slideshows that your family loves to watch during fun family movie nights?

Does everyone OOHH and AAH when they see the beautiful photo canvas prints, collages and gifts you make?

What Would it Feel Like To:

  • Ditch the commute and walk to work (your home office...YAY!)

  • Spend more time with your family, friends...or maybe pets 

  • Have flexibility and freedom with your schedule, on your terms.

  • Scrap the shift work, long meetings and that endless ride on the hamster wheel.

Image by Edward Cisneros
  • Be home to get your kids on and off the bus.

  • Finally, get paid for something you've been doing for free (and are amazing at).

  • Have the courage and drive to finally start your own business from scratch.

  • Take your unique photo 'hobby' and create a fulfilling business.

It's absolutely possible with...

"One of the things I treasure the most is the photo book made by Memory Momentum. It was a gift for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Now that they have both passed away I treasure it even more!

We Know What It's Like To:


  • Not feel worthy or good enough to start a business..."you can't get   paid for that!"

  • Have a business idea and not know what to do with it.

  • Have people say that your cute little hobby can't make you money.

  • Start a business in a field no one has ever heard of.

Kristi and Family
  • Not have the technical knowledge or skills to start a business (seriously, Kristi had no idea the difference between a Mac and a PC)

  • Be a slave to someone else's schedule.

  • Have people think that we were crazy for leaving our 'good jobs'.

  • Do what a million different people said we should be doing, but have no cohesive plan.

  • Say yes to every kind of photo related job that came our way...which is exhausting!

  • Not having any idea why you need or how to set up an email list, sales funnel, website...don't even get me started on marketing.

  • Have absolutely no business experience (not even a drop)!

  • Build our business while working full-time careers and raising our young families (trust us, we are still catching up on laundry).

Or save $171 by paying in full - $897

We Also Know What It's Like To:

  • Shed tears of joy with our lovely clients when they reconnect with their memories.

  • Connect with our clients in deep and valuable ways.

  • Take the overwhelm away when getting that special 'photo' project done for a family in need.

Amanda and Family
  • Deliver such precious photo gifts, collections and displays that bring the biggest smiles to our clients faces and heartwarming hugs to us.

  • Love our jobs!

  • Be able to take what we love to do and share it with amazing people that are so grateful. 

  • Get paid doing something that we would do for free...because we love it that much!

  • Work with clients from around the world.

We've been there and done that!

You Can SOOOO Do This!

  • You know you have a gift that people love and that you love to do.

  • You are so ready to turn your photo 'hobby' into a business you can be proud of.

  • Stop spinning your wheels when growing your business, gain the skills you need to propel your business forward.

  • You are ready to have a plan that finally makes sense, enabling you to do more of what you love.

  • Push all of those negative, self-doubting thoughts out of your head.

  • You just feel that you were meant to help others in a valuable way that speaks to you.

  • You know you can get paid to do that with go prove it to the world!

We understand exactly what you're feeling.

"I had a wedding album done with this company last year and absolutely loved it! Kristi and Amanda are very easy to work with, super sweet and professional women. Highly recommend these girls!


What you get when you join H2B:

We break your business journey into 3 phases that we call the

READY, SET, GO phases. 


Then you have the skills to SET yourself up for success and share

your incredible talent with those who will absolutely love it.



We get you READY to build your own business and embrace your photo 'hobby'.


Then nothing left to do but GO out and grab the success you

want and deserve. Hobby no more...thriving business!

Each phase is broken down into 2 easy-to-follow modules.

Take The Biz Leap

Do you have a business that's just sitting stagnant, or have a million biz ideas bouncing around in your head and have no idea what to focus on first? In module 1 we will explore what might be holding you back and teach you step-by-step how to get started!

Easy Peasy.

Hobby To


In module 2, we will dive deep examining your biz idea from the inside out. Making sure it's the right fit for you and your lifestyle. Having a busy lifestyle shouldn't stop you from having a business you love.

Selling To 


Have you ever wondered "how the heck do you sell a service?"  Your family and friends love what you do, but how do you sell to a stranger? Module 3 gets you set up to sell and work with clients (no...not your mom)! 

Learn To Love Tech

Technology can be a scary thing! Do you even know what you need to run a business?  In module 4 we will show you how we were able to set up our business looking and feeling professional. Giving you beginner level easy-to-follow workflows to stay organized.

Social Media


Let's make social media work for you! In module 5 we will talk about why social media is important in business and show you super simple strategies to get started! Explore Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, so you become more visible to the world.

Autopilot My

Biz Life

Whether you're working 1:1 or with the world, let's get your business working for you on auto-pilot so you can be out enjoying your life. Module 6 gives you a simple-to-follow plan so you don't have to be stuck behind your desk every day!


We love bonuses and can't wait to give lots to you!


Plan Out A Years Worth Of Content In A Few Hours - $197

Today, We Conquered Facebook!



Life-time access to the course.

Total Investment - $897 or 12 monthly payments of $89

You will also have access to our private H2B Facebook group where you will learn and be supported by others with the passion for starting or scaling their own unique businesses. Amanda and Kristi will be there providing free training and guidance. You won't do this alone!

Life-time access to updated modules.

Monthly group Q&A and strategy sessions.


What if I don't have the money? We've been in the situation where we only had a small amount of money to invest in ourselves. We needed to know that investing would make a difference in our business and in our lives.  If you want to continue trying to figure it out on your own - no problem we understand! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to invest in yourself and in your own business journey. There is a lot of different information out there and many different ways to do things, no one way is right and trying to figure it all out on your own can be exhausting! We want to share what worked for us. If you don't have the funds to make the payment in full, that's ok...we've got your back! We would love to offer you a payment plan. 

Will you be teaching me HOW to work with photos or anything associated with my photo 'hobby?' You are the master of your own craft! We won't be showing you HOW to do your unique service, we want to show you the steps we've learned and implemented in our own business journey so that you can learn and grow from someone that's been there before.

What if I have no idea what business/photo-organizing services to offer? No worries! We will dive deep into your strengths and passions, narrowing it down to find your perfect photo 'hobby.'

What if I've never started my own business? This is not a problem! Amanda and I had absolutely no business experience when we started our photo-organizing business. We spent years figuring it all out and want to pass our knowledge on to you.

Is starting a business easy and will I be successful? Starting a business takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It is not an easy process and the success of your business depends on the time, energy and dedication you put into it. Being successful also depends on your own definition of success! We want to share the knowledge we have gained in our own business journey so that you can find success in yours. 

What if I already have my own service-based or photo-organizing business? This program is still right for you too! We should always be looking for ways to improve our businesses. 

What about refunds? Sorry, no refunds. This program, like starting a business, will take your time and energy.  If you make the decision to commit your time and energy to really making a change in your life and business, you will be successful! By thinking to yourself, "I'll just ask for a refund," you giving yourself an 'out' if things don't go as planned. You can do this! Once you have paid, no refunds will be offered. 

You can do this, we believe in you!

"I feel so organized for 2017 and can't wait to tell some stories with my photos.' 


Why Should You Work With Us?

We Are Totally Invested In You!

We've spent thousands of dollars on the best business coaches, social media and photo-organizing courses. You can be sure that you will be trained with the incredible knowledge we have absorbed and continue to learn from. We are always learning, implementing and reaching for new goals.

We've Been There.

We look back at our journey and remember searching every social media group, website, blog post and downloaded every freebie available. We were trying to connect the dots and figure out how to do everything on our own. After that got us basically nowhere (and exhausted), we realized it was time to get help from someone that has been there and done that.


Best friends since

grade school!

Mentors And Programs We've Invested In:

  • Stand Out Coaching Academy

  • KKB Training with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

  • Live Coaching with Jenna Kutcher

  • Marie Forleo's B-School

  • Coaching with Lindsay Maloney

  • Photo Organizing Using Mac Photos and iCloud Photo Library

  • Association of Personal Photo Organizing - Certification

  • APPO Annual Conference (4 Years)

  • Marketing Unleashed Mastermind Program

  • Save Your Photos Summit

  • Facebook Marketing Unleashed

  • CEO Connection Summit

  • Digital Pro REMOTE Photo Organizing

  • Digital Photo Organizing 101, 201, 301, 401

  • 1:1 Coaching -Lindsay Maloney

  • Not to mention Nursing and Teacher's College!

Can't wait to see you in there!
Become a H2B Girl!!
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