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About Us

Photo Organizer, GTA, Kristi Green
Photo Organizer, Princeton BC, Amanda Henley

Kristi & Family

Amanda & Family

Photograph taken by Sharon Snider Photography

We grew up together as best friends in a very small town in Ontario. A close-knit community, small town roots, and endless extended family memories became our foundation from which we have established many of our values. We ventured into our post-secondary years and launched into the next chapter of our lives - one as a teacher in BC, the other as a Registered Nurse in Ontario. In our new worlds we began to lay down our own new roots, but always remained connected.   Becoming mothers solidified our passion for organizing, sharing, preserving and telling our family stories. We love to have fun, we love to be organized, and we love sharing stories!  We would be honoured to help you share your own stories.  Get started today.

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