About Us?


 "All of my life I've been organizing my own story and for over ten years I've been helping family and friends tell theirs. The joke in my family is that mom would love to strap a video camera to her head to record it all!"   


"When my first son was born so was the smart phone in our family and immediately I was inundated with photos and videos.  With no idea how to organize them all or where to print my son’s baby book, I created an organized system that I could teach everyone so that we can all release that ‘unfinished-baby-book-burden’ and tell our stories."

Our Why 

We believe there is a reason we take so many photos and we share so many photos – from the first moments our wee loved ones arrive, to the gathering together when our loved ones have passed.  We come back to the photos.

To the memories. To the stories.

We created Memory Momentum because we feel there is a gap filled with a longing to move these photos from a camera roll to a photo book and beyond or the ability to find those memories.  We are a people of stories and our memories are meant to be shared.

We help you do that.

Memory Momentum – Photo Organizers