Step Two


Once we have focused and simplified some of your goals, we will create a detailed plan for you, outlining the steps and investment involved in achieving your goals. We can include different options for

every budget; whether you do all the work yourself, hire us for part of the job, or want us to do it all!





  'Get it Done & Do it For Me!'                                 'Learn & Do'                                         'Live in the Now'

  Individual Organization Packages                    'Set Me Up' & Group Sessions                               Scanning Packages                           































































Step One


Send us your questions from our contact page or Facebook. Via email or phone consult, we'll outline your photo/memory needs and determine an area of focus. Not sure what to ask? We'll guide you!

After our first consultation we will be able to create a plan to

get you started. 

How to get Started


Lets get









  • OPERATION 'Get-It-Done & Have Fun:'

    • Personalized Monthly/Bi-Monthly Photo-Org Clubs (in-home & off-site).  

  • OPERATION "Memory Keeper's Workshop'

    • Workshops that teach different elements of the photo-life process and give you time to complete your goals:potential focus areas: organization, backing up, photo preservation & restoration, storytelling, display and decor ideas, solutions (and product discounts - woot!) 

  • OPERATION "Storytelling Baby-Mama"

    • Specialized workshops for Mamas wanting to get those baby and family albums done with their personalized, storytelling touch.



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