Do you save photos like your Dad saved screwdrivers?

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We decided to release our blog today to wish all those loved Fathers out there - those who are with us and those who have left their love with us - a special thank you and Happy Father's Day!

And now, we bring you our blog...

When we were packing up my parents’ home several years ago, we came across an exorbitant amount of screwdrivers in the garage.  This observation prompted a lively conversation between me and my siblings about Dad’s quirks and philosophies, many of which, upon reflection, evoked some joyful laughter (and deep love and appreciation of course!)

“How come you have so many screwdrivers Dad?” I asked.

“Well dear, you can never have too many screwdrivers.  You never know when you’ll need one.”


Long silence.

“OK, I get it. You never know when you’ll need ONE. But when will you need 17??!”

Long silence.

Insert piercing glance here that clearly stated sans words, “you don’t understand.”

And so we continued to collate the colourful collection of screwdrivers into the one bin.

Although we like to make fun of my dad (in a very lovingly manner of course), I feel we can likely all relate to this feeling at some point.  That “keep it ‘just in case’” kind of mentality that stems from the Depression era and World War days where you HAD to be resourceful and keep it just in case.  But many people didn’t have too many things to keep back then.  Now we have excess and the keeping 'just in case' becomes clutter and overwhelm.

In our photo world, we often have excess; especially when we don’t have a ‘photo workflow’ in place, we often keep every photo just in case because we’re not really sure where the original is, or if it’s ‘safe’ to delete; am I backed up enough? Maybe not, so I better keep it

just in case.

Trust us, we can HELP YOU!

But when you keep everything just in case, it becomes very difficult to access and to find the memories you DO want to see;  the story gets lost in the clutter.

Not having an organized collection, or a a collection that you understand how to access OR is too full and scattered to FIND what you want, can actually inhibit us from visiting and sharing our memories, and most importantly, bringing them together to tell the story we ultimately want to tell because THAT is the reason we took the photos in the first place!  For the stories. To revisit the memories.

So for all you ‘just in case-ers’ out there - it’s OK.  If you REALLLY want to keep all those photos, just be sure to have a place for them in your ‘B’ folder away from your As so that your As can do what they’re meant to do - tell your story and fill your heart with joy! :)

And as for the screwdrivers, always have enough apparently because you never know when you'll need one!

New to our blog and not sure what we mean by As and Bs?

Quick Review:

Choose which photos you want to tell your story/those you want to be in your Album (A is for Album).  They go into an 'A' folder until you're ready to make that album/photo book.

B stands for Box (like Photo Box).  These are your “just in case’ photos, or “I don’t want to delete” photos but “they can’t all be A photos” folder :).

We hope this little tip brings you closer to a simple system, especially for all the beloved 'just in case-ers.'

Until we meet again,

Happy Father’s Day to all those beautiful fathers out there who helped shape who we are - fathers by blood and fathers by love - we love you and thank you for being so awesome!  And for those whose Fathers have moved on, to those who are fathers to loved ones who have moved on…may the memories continue to hug you and fill your heart, and how grateful we are to have such beautiful memories!

All the best to you all, our lovely readers, and thank you for being ‘here’ with us this month!

Amanda & Kristi

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