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Create Monthly iPhone Video Montages in 5 Easy Steps

This may be our favourite solution yet in our photo-organizing world – and probably our most sought-after, particularly for the mom of young children who usually has a TON of monthly vids. But it works for anyone who wants to string together a collection of videos to view as a montage. (Sorry Android users, this post does cater to the iPhone.)


We love solutions that will make our memory-keeping meaningful and easy-to-do in our busy schedule. This iPhone video solution is probably our AND our kids' favourite and definitely the ‘most-visited.' Be sure to catch our 'How-To' video at the end to help you GET THIS DONE!

How to Create a Monthly Video Montage on Your iPhone:

1. Whoever’s videos you want to include in your monthly montage, have them email or text you the video so you can save to your phone and have in one place for that month. (I take my hubby’s phone and send his month's videos to my iPhone, or he will send me a vid right away if my photo-organizing Jedi powers are able to take hold of him).

2. When the month is done, open iMovie on your phone, pick a theme and start a Project called 2016-03-Family Montage (for March) or WHATEVER you want to title it – we always advise starting with Year and Month for easy ‘findability’ later. And for all those proper archiving purposes .

3. Add your month's videos from your Camera Roll to the Project. Simply drop your videos into your project in the order you want and you’re practically done.

4. Now that your videos are in and you’re in Edit mode, you can edit as much or as little as you like: simply split and delete any video portions you don't want, add smooth transitions and titles as desired, and add iMovie music or music from your own library so that it's a smooth, flowing, fun video montage!

Be sure to 'play and learn' and use the (?) in the top right corner which will fast track your learning.

5. When you’ve finished your project, SAVE VIDEO (this saves to Camera Roll); as always, IMPORT your device photos and videos immediately via the Cloud or Dropbox, or at least weekly to your computer so they are backed up.

Be sure to check out our video here to help you along this learning curve:

This will get you started. You can subscribe to our Blog HERE so you'll receive next week's post on WHY and HOW you should save it in a few different locations and the inevitable 'What to Do with Those Monthly Montage Videos' - this is the fun part - this is the meaningful part.

By the way, you CAN do all of this on iMovie on your Mac, but that’s a whole other Blog post...and a half. Keep it simple - do it on your iPhone to start.

So, Get to work. This is important!

In closing, (for real), be intentional each month about dedicating small chunks of time to memory-keeping. This is one pretty awesome solution that just takes a bit of intention and practice each month for amazing results.

Now go play and get one month done. Then let us know how you made out. We love your stories..

Keep the flow…

Amanda & Kristi

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