Nice to meet you!

Ever-evolving we are!  Sorry, it’s a little too unrealistic to try to sum up ‘us’ in a paragraph, but maybe we can let you know enough to entice you to join us on this educational and often entertaining journey 😊 

We grew up together in small-town Ontario.  Down the street from each other actually. Attached at the hip in elementary school; made architectural house layouts in snow and leaves and took turns declaring who our husband picks were for that round of ‘house.’  They ranged from New Kids on the Block to Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell.  Don’t ask. 

Listen, it was a time of Rocky IV and Backdraft, so no judging people! 

We stayed connected over the years as we ventured off to different post-secondary schools to launch Amanda’s teaching and Kristi’s nursing careers; Amanda moved out to the west coast of B.C. while Kristi remained in Ontario near our hometown and our friendship again evolved as we did…thanks to the iPhone, really. 

All of sudden we could share our brilliance and creativity with each other whenever we wanted, which, thankfully, had progressed beyond celebrity hubby picks and into the unknown world of entrepreneurship. 

But why entrepreneurship when we had solid careers in teaching and nursing??? 

Bingo.  That, essentially, is likely why you’re reading this right now. 

You’re one of US! 

OK, not too sound creepy and that this is some sort of secret group, but it IS awesome because we all speak the same language here.


Kristi and I truly feel we have a calling.  

But how do you go from nursing and teaching to photo-organizers to helping women build and scale their businesses? 

Because we are evolving, building up from a foundation of values that continue to help us GROW, LEARN, DISCOVER and CONNECT. 


Which is why we’re here.  


We keep building upon a knowledge base that has grown over the years and we want to share it with a community that speaks the same language as us – moms and women with a drive to cultivate and bring their passion into successful fruition. Our passion is growing 😊 

We are teachers and caregivers at our core.  We are knowledge-seekers who love systems that bring us optimal functionality in our lives (and in our photo collections obviously 😊). 

We love improving our SELVES, our home, our environment and the overall well-being of our families.  And we feel we have a LOT to offer to other women who are also seekers and builders like us.  

We like to think of us as your accountability biz besties – because the journey is that much more fun along the way when you have some buddies who have ridiculously good resources and a community of awesome biz-builders alongside you. 

It's long, but it's good!




is us

in high


Back in 





Words from Kristi

Why she's my fave biz partner.

Words from Amanda

No, why she's MY fave biz partner.
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