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Events & Workshops

Although we are not currently offering ONGOING photo-organizing workshops, we are always ready to book with you. 

Please see our video below for an ongoing memory-keeping workshop series we ran in the past to give you an idea of one of the many options we offer for your photo-organizing group needs!

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We believe coming together to reach the simplest of goals and providing TIME and SPACE  for productivity and creative energy to come out and play gives us a deeper connection to ourselves and our community. 

Please contact us if you would like to set up a custom photo-organizing and memory-keeping skills workshop with your group, business, or community

- in your own home, office, or venue. 

We are here to help you FIND those memories and DO something with them!


Want to stay in our memory-keeping loop of tips and strategies, deets on our upcoming workshops and entertained by our usual wit?

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